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A player maintained resource which anyone can edit! We currently have 13 articles about the turn-based strategy game developed by Hidden Layer Games.

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Apple Arcade (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Mac): 2.0 (Updated August 21, 2020)
PC Version (GOG, Humble, Steam): 1.0.4 (Released December 10, 2020)
Switch Version: 1.0.1 (Released September 9, 2020)
Available now on PC and Switch!
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INMOST is an atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer, following three playable characters within one dark, interconnecting story. In an old abandoned castle, you’ll need to explore every nook and cranny, avoid detection, slice your way through enemies and spring deadly traps in order to escape the evil that lurks within…
A Knight sworn to the forces of darkness. A creature which feeds on pain. A young girl all alone. One interconnecting tale of suffering, sacrifice, and the family in the middle of it all.
Kickstarter Trailer Development Blog
Save Big on Chucklefish Games in the Steam Autumn Sale 2023!

Hello one and all! Whether you celebrate tofurky day or not, we’ve got you covered with some big savings on Chucklefish games in the Steam Autumn Sale, to see you through the cooler months...

superconsole 2023-11-21 18:43:29
2 Years of INMOST 👻 Discounts, Giveaways, Merch & a Surprise!

Hey everyone! Here in London that cosy jumper weather is upon us and the longer nights are finally settling in, which can only mean one thing… The INMOST spooky season is upon us! 🎃 October...

superconsole 2021-10-11 15:15:39
INMOST Physical Edition Out May 20th!

We’re vibing out to that Friday feeling with our second big bit of news this week and it’s not even the weekend yet! Ever since we announced INMOST publicly, the community has been so incred...

pilgrim 2021-05-14 17:00:42

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