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GameCenter Achievements[edit]

There are a total of 36 GameCenter achievements which can be awarded in INMOST. Achievements are hidden until they're unlocked.

Name Description Character
Alone in the Storm Finish the Girl Scene Girl Icon.png
A Friend In Me Find the rabbit Girl Icon.png
Cookie Monster Find the cookies Girl Icon.png
We're All Quite Mad Here Host a tea party! Girl Icon.png
Just My Imagination Investigate the noise in the attic Girl Icon.png
Fragments of Pain Find a hidden Pain Crystal Hero Icon.png
Green Thumb Cut grass with the Scythe Hero Icon.png
Unwelcome Visitor Kill the slime by the door Hero Icon.png
Vicious Intent Kill the big slime by the cart Hero Icon.png
Slow Descent Finish the Old Man Scene
Caged Kill the slime by the cage Hero Icon.png
Too Many Walls, Not Enough Bridges Break the wall near the ballista Hero Icon.png
Tripping Hazard Use the Pickaxe on any small rock Hero Icon.png
A Thorny End Defeat the first hunter Hero Icon.png
The Castle Knight Knight: Complete the Castle scene Knight Icon.png
Thief in the Knight Knight: Steal the Flower Knight Icon.png
Swamped Knight: Complete the swamp scene Knight Icon.png
Depths of Knight Knight: Complete the slime pit Knight Icon.png
Crystal Clear Knight: Complete the Crystal Cave Knight Icon.png
To the Depths Descend the ladder down the well Hero Icon.png
Apex Predators Let the cat be killed by the hunter Hero Icon.png
Nine Lives Save the cat from the hunter Hero Icon.png
Meet the Storyteller Listen to the Storyteller's first tale Hero Icon.png
Whatever You Do, Don't Do It Halfway Listen to half the Storyteller's tales Hero Icon.png
Epilogue Listen to all the Storyteller's tales Hero Icon.png
Dirty Protest Kick the Cartographer's bucket Hero Icon.png
Empowerment Get the fuel for the Cartographer's generator Hero Icon.png
Arachnophobia Enter the mines Hero Icon.png
Low Stakes Defeat the second hunter Hero Icon.png
Heart of Darkness Pick up the Black Heart Hero Icon.png
As Above, So Below Fix the cartographer's elevator Hero Icon.png
Light at the End of the Tunnel Finish the Endless Tunnel Hero Icon.png
Follow the White Rabbit Use handheld elevator to follow the fox Hero Icon.png
Blood is Thicker than Water Discover the fountain Hero Icon.png
Inmost Complete Inmost Girl Icon.pngHero Icon.pngKnight Icon.png
Pain Collector Collect all the Pain Crystals Hero Icon.pngKnight Icon.png