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INMOST is an atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer, following three playable characters. You'll swap between each of these characters as you progress through the game and the story advances.

Gameplay in INMOST revolves around solving puzzles. Players will need to find the key or tool in each area to unlock and advance through the game. While doing so they'll have to overcome enemies in sometimes creative ways using the environment and abilities.

Starting a new game[edit]

When you launch INMOST you'll be introduced to the basic controls and the characters. The first scene in the game has the player control a small girl, and there are no enemies or dangers. This introduces players to the controls without the risk of death and sets the stage for the game's story.



For a full description of all control styles, including PC and controller see Controls

The game's controls are very simple, and keys and tools are selected automatically once collected. Tools are collected into a player inventory, but do not need to be managed, it's only to reference what's been collected.

Mobile Touch Controls[edit]

Movement Description
Tap, drag right or left Move Right or left
Swipe up Jump up
Swipe Diagonally up Jump directionally
Swipe down Crouch (and drag left/right to crawl)
Swipe Diagonally down Roll directionally
Tap Use/Interact

Solving Puzzles[edit]

Solving puzzles is how players advance through the game. Puzzles involve finding objects, keys, and hidden passages to open doors and pathways deeper into the castle.

Collecting the Scythe[edit]

After the initial scene introducing the girl, the player takes control of a bearded male character and is placed into the game's world. Immediately to the right is a thorny bramble bush. Interacting with it will show a scythe icon, indicating that tool is needed to pass.

The player can find this tool in the house to the left. If they try to enter through the front door they'll be killed by an enemy. Instead they need to jump up and down in front of the porch, to open a hidden tunnel under the house and inside. Once inside the house they can collect the Scythe, and push down the door from the inside to kill the enemy waiting out front.

With the newly collected scythe the player can advance past the thorn bush and continue into the castle...