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Playable Characters[edit]

The Girl[edit]

The Girl.png

The girl can pick objects up, climb, and jump.

Completing the Girl's initial scene awards an achievement.

Alone in the Storm Finish the Girl Scene

She lives in a two story house.

The Hero[edit]

The Man.png

The Hero can roll, and jump - but cannot engage in direct combat. It's necessary to outrun and outwit enemies while playing as the Hero.

The Knight[edit]

The Knight.png

The knight moves similarly to the Hero, but is not able to jump. Instead the Knight uses a grappling hook to move.

The Knight can attack and avoid attacks from enemies. Fighting enemies is based around proper timing - both selecting the correct attack (fast or strong) as well as avoiding the enemy attacks are important to survive.

In addition to a number of game achievements in Knight scenes, each Knight scene awards an achievement when completed.

The Castle Knight Knight: Complete the Castle scene
Thief in the Knight Knight: Steal the Flower
Swamped Knight: Complete the swamp scene
Depths of Knight Knight: Complete the slime pit
Crystal Clear Knight: Complete the Crystal Cave

Old Man[edit]

Old Man.png

An older version of The Hero, he's playable in an early scene. He cannot jump or roll and moves much more slowly.

The scene has the player slowly move down stairs from the top floor of his apartment building, while the story is told. Completing the scene awards an achievement.

Slow Descent Finish the Old Man Scene

Non Playable Characters[edit]

Hiding Creature[edit]

Hiding Creature.png

This sad hiding character can be found in the attic of the house where the player collects the Scythe.

When interacted with he says he's hiding.



Astrid takes care of the Girl, and can be found in most sequences where the player is inside The Girl's house.

The Storyteller[edit]

The Storyteller shares the story of the game, and shares more as the player collects Pain Crystals. He storyteller will tell the player how many more crystals are required to unlock the next story.

There are three achievements awarded for listening/unlocking the Storyteller's stories.

Meet the Storyteller Listen to the Storyteller's first tale
Whatever You Do, Don't Do It Halfway Listen to half the Storyteller's tales
Epilogue Listen to all the Storyteller's tales

The Cartographer[edit]

The Cartographer can be found high in a treehouse. He tasks the player to fix his elevators and get fuel for the generator.

There are three achievements tied to The Cartographer, one for kicking his bucket, another for fixing the elevator, and finally one for completing his request for the generator fuel.

Dirty Protest Kick the Cartographer's bucket
Empowerment Get the fuel for the Cartographer's generator
As Above, So Below Fix the cartographer's elevator

The Cat[edit]


The Cat can be found outside the gate in the first area The Man travels through, just before the first Hunter.

He says he needs to go out, and requests the player open the metal gate he stands next to. To do so requires the Lever.

There are two achievements tied to The Cat, based on if the Hunter kills him or not.

Apex Predators Let the cat be killed by the hunter
Nine Lives Save the cat from the hunter

The Rabbit[edit]


The Rabbit is a stuffed toy, and The Girl's favorite companion. Finding the Rabbit is important in some of her scenes. The Girl finds the Rabbit behind a large box, and they speak to one another (even though The Rabbit is just a toy)

Finding the Rabbit will award an achievement

A Friend In Me Find the rabbit