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The young wanderer is a myth. he travels inside the lost souls to find their pain and clears it. After he finishes his job, he leaves. He is trying to finish his collection of pain crystals. but over the years, madness took him out, and now, He has vanished.

The Story of The Young Wanderer[edit]

Once upon a time, there was a boy with a strange heart. It wasn't black like the heart of the witch. It was empty. He was denying The keeper, but not the way witch was doing. He knew how people steal others' pain to pour it and make themselves stronger. so he isolated himself for a long time. But, There were those who had hope, gave him doubts. Was he wrong, doing this? He was safe from the pain, but he wasn't happy either. He started to know people. His passion to feel their desire grew more and more and he found himself, dependent, on his friends. But he never forgot the existence of the Keeper. It was his biggest fear. He knew someday, He will be consumed by the tower. but he resisted. He wanted to feel the joy as much as he could. He wanted others to be safe from the tower. so he started to absorb their pain in order to make them feel less pain. He eventually got addicted to the pain. He found two flowers on the way. One was pure and one was damaged. He managed to save the damaged one from the tower but lost the other one. He became mad. his heart blackened, but he never showed that to anyone or the damaged flower. He wanted to save both flowers. the second one is now in The keeper's hands. Madness took his control. He and his heart became unstable. He couldn't control all the pain he had. He was affecting his flower and others. He was spreading the Blackness. He knew he shouldn't do that so he left a message and left them behind. He had hope in them. They shouldn't get infected by his heart. He went to travel. after years of feeling guilt and pain. He became a myth. The young wanderer.

If one day you found him, please save him from this madness. convince the pure flower that he should find the wanderer boy and let him clear his blackness. He never wanted to give it pain. He had to save one. please save him. find the pure flower and let The young wanderer find his peace and rest...