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There are a variety of enemies in INMOST, each with their own strategy to defeat them.

While playing as The Man, the player has no ability to engage in combat - so they must use the environment around them to outwit and defeat enemies. When playing as The Knight, the player has a sword, and can more easily dispatch enemies head on.

Slime The first enemy players encounter, it's a black gooey substance, and it's important to avoid touching it. It can drop from above, snap quickly across to strike players as they pass by, and also can block passageways.
Big Slime Big Slimes are made of the same dark material as regular slimes - but they are able to move toward the player.
Hunter Hunters are a deadly enemy which run quickly toward the player and can kill them instantly. They must be avoided and outrun.
Spider Spiders can be found in the caves, and can drop down from above on the player. They're quickly dispatched using a sword.
Rat Rats are small enemies which can be taken out using a sword.
Boar The boar is a large enemy which charges at the player when they're within sight.