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Hidden Layer Games is a team formed of just two people - artist Alexey Testov and programmer Andriy Vinchkovskiy. Originally they worked remotely - Andriy from Kyiv the capital of Ukraine, and Alexey from a small Russian mining town called Zverevo, until tense political situations between the two countries led them to relocate together to Lithuania in 2016.

The team have been making games together for over 8 years, experimenting with smaller Flash games to start with and then expanding to HTML5 and mobile games development as the audiences grew. But in the back of their minds, as they were jumping from project to project in order to fund the next, Alexey and Andriy always dreamt of breaking the cycle, gambling their savings and making something bigger, and much darker. And that’s when they created the Inmost prototype.

The first gameplay demo was completed in 2017 after two tiring months of hard work, and entered into a contest at the DevGamm conference in Minsk. After risking all the studio’s funds to create the prototype, they knew if the game received no attention they would be forced to close the company. But thankfully Inmost won the award for ‘Best Indie Game’, as well as prize money to help keep the project alive. The positive feedback the game received motivated Andriy and Alexey to push on, and develop the game for full release on PC![1]