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(initial chapter descriptions and char icons)
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Chapters are the sequence of the story, as well as the levels each character plays in. The game frequently changes from one character to another at the end of a chapter. To advance through each chapter players must solve puzzles, navigate complex areas, and defeat enemies.

At any time, players can pause and browse back to chapters they've completed previously. Completed chapters appear as filled-in circles, and chapters yet to be completed appear as empty circles.

Completed chapters are automatically saved. When exiting the game, progress is saved at the most recent checkpoint. Checkpoints for chapters played as the Hero are marked by lanterns or glowing orbs.

Chapter List[edit]

Chapter Save Image(s) Character Description Tools
1 01 Girl0.png Girl Icon.png The game opens with the Girl, and the player must escape from her room through the vents and explore downstairs
2 02 Start.png Hero Icon.png This chapter introduces the Hero, who must travel through the initial stage of the castle, and encounter the first slime and big slime enemies.
3 Old Man Icon.png The third chapter is the Old Man traveling down the steps from his top floor apartment. While he walks the narrator tells a story.
4 03 Old Man Complete.png

04 Found Pickaxe.png

Hero Icon.png This chapter has the hero continuing through the castle, using the balista to open the area where the pickaxe is and finding a key to unlock the door where the lever is, which opens the gate by the cat to the first hunter.
5 05 Before Hunter.png Hero Icon.png This chapter has the hero defeating the Hunter by hiding, outrunning, and luring it into thorny brambles.
6 06 Knight0.png Knight Icon.png Introduces the Knight, and he must fight his way past slimes to advance through the castle.
7 07 After Knight.png Hero Icon.png In this chapter the Hero will meet both the Storyteller and the Cartographer as he climbs up the treehouse. He'll need to use the hooks and pullies to bring the fuel can up to the Cartographer and refuel the generator. After doing that he'll give The Hero the key to enter the mines in order to get some spider web.
8 08 Bridge Lovered.png Hero Icon.png
9 09 Boar Defeated.png Hero Icon.png
10 10 Girl1.png Girl Icon.png This chapter starts in the Girl's treehouse, and she needs to travel inside the house and find the Rabbit which is hidden behind a large crate.
11 11 Mine.png Hero Icon.png
12 12 Big Spider.png Hero Icon.png
13 13 Knight1.png Knight Icon.png The Knight must fight through a burning castle
14 14 Hunter Revive.png Hero Icon.png
15 15 Knight2.png Knight Icon.png The Knight must fight through a slime pit
16 16 Girl2.png Girl Icon.png
17 17 Kill 2nd Hunter.png Hero Icon.png
18 18 Heart.png Hero Icon.png
19 19 After Big Lift.png Hero Icon.png
20 20 Girl3.png Girl Icon.png
21 21 After Girl3.png Hero Icon.png
22 22 After Dog.png Hero Icon.png
23 23 Endless Tunnel.png Hero Icon.png
24 24 Knight3.png Knight Icon.png The Knight must fight through a swamp
25 25 Hand Lift Pick Up.png Hero Icon.png
26 26 After Hand Lift.png Hero Icon.png
27 27 Fountain Route.png Hero Icon.png
28 28 Girl4.png Girl Icon.png
29 29 Knight4.png Knight Icon.png The Knight travels through snow defeating enemies
30 30 Ending0.png The first ending cutscene
31 31 Ending1.png The second ending cutscene